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crochet baby hats how to crochet a cute baby girlu0027s hat for beginners -
crochet baby hats how to crochet a cute baby girlu0027s hat for beginners - youtube OPPFIMT

Crochet baby hats are a very popular piece of clothing. If you try and remember your days of childhood, you too would remember wearing such crotchet baby hats that are cute to look at and at the same time very warm.  This is the reason why most people prefer to get their kids to wear such hats. They look so nice and at the same time are very useful. This is the reason crotchet as a design is very popular with young mothers. Now there is an extremely old tradition of using crochet baby hats and that is to knit them with wool but as times progress many people use different material for crocheting. Let us take a look at it.

The material used for making crotchet baby hats can be any of the ones given below:

  1. Cotton: wool obviously is the oldest style of making a baby hat but cotton hats are also being widely made to suit the soft head of the kids. The children who are very young cannot wear wool as comfortably as they can wear cotton and do these serve a great purpose of being useful in that sense.
  1. Nylon: Ny lon is a synthetic material yet it is being used for its durability. Knitting a nylon crotchet is a little difficult for it is a slippery thread.
  1. Silk: Silk is an expensive thread and looks very nice once it has been made into a hat by crocheting it. It can be used to make both small and big caps for children.

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