Try out these flattering knitted hat patterns

pink knitted hats for women DYZWINI

Knitted hats are a great way to not just keep your head warm, but also add some style to your entire outfit or conceal those bad hair days. The advantage of knitted hats is that they can be made in almost any color you can think of, thus can be ...

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A guide to knitted baby booties

knitted baby booties free knitting pattern little eyes baby booties PPJTNHW

Knitted baby booties can be a wonderful present for a baby who you care for a lot. Anybody can visit a gift store and spend some money on a nice expensive gift but getting a baby something that you have created with your own hands conveys your deep emotions and ...

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Learning to fillet crochet

baby blanket winnie the pooh filet crochet pattern MFLURJU

Learning to fillet crochet is not as hard as most people think it is. It is in fact fun and easy to learn. You will require a keen eye so that the patterns and symbol charts are read properly to get the required finish. Once you learn a few tricks ...

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How to make crochet star pattern?

free crochet star pattern EGDDMQY

Crochet stars are beautiful decorative objects, particularly so for Christmas trees. To make a simple crochet star pattern you don’t need very high crocheting expertise.  Such stars can be made by even beginners and small start which is around 2.5 inch of diameter, takes only an evening to get completed. ...

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Crochet shoes to keep your feet warm in winter

crochet shoes cotton yarn and a flip flop sole make this free crochet slippers

Keeping warm in winter can be a challenge, especially if you have to add layer after layer of clothing. Most people wear socks and insulation in boots when going outside to keep their feet warm. With the use of yarn to make many different items, baby booties are no longer ...

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A few free crochet patterns for babies

free crochet patterns for beginners stylish-easy-crochet-afghan-patterns-for-beginners-free- OELRBVP

Knitting and crocheting are two great hobbies. You can kill all your extra time while doing something productive and creative. If you still are at the earlier steps of learning about crocheting, you might want to start off with a simple and basic crocheting project. We have a few free ...

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Glamorous crochet shawl

crochet shawl ...hes in the apexes of chevrons instead of 1 ch. made a

Crochet Shawls are an instant way of increasing the glamour quotient in any person. Shawls are as it is a very utilitarian piece of cloth. They can be worn with almost any dress kind and any dress material. It is this quality of a shawl that makes it so universal ...

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The easiest fingerless gloves knitting pattern

fingerless gloves knitting pattern fingerless mitts and gloves knitting patterns XGNLNAV

These fingerless gloves knitting pattern is quite easy but makes stylish fingerless gloves. Step 1: Arrange required materials You need one pair size 7 or 8 knitting needles, medium weight yarn and one common needle for sewing. Step 2: Cast Stitches Take one knitting needle and cast 24 or 28 ...

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Flattering patterns for knitted cardigan

knitted cardigan cozy cable knit cardigan sweater VNSHJCM

When it comes to clothing items, hand knitted items have proven to be a very classic number. Knitting has been around for ages, and even today, very flattering items are being made out of yarn. Knitted cardigans are one of those classic items that you won’t regret having in your ...

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Benefits of crochet hook case

click here u003eu003e crochet hook case free pattern YTCRZLF

Crochet is a method which helps you create fabric out of yarn. It is a process which is similar to that of knitting but both methods of making fabric have some differences between them too. Knitting has many active stitches that are incomplete at the same time, whereas the crochet ...

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