Patterns to knit baby blanket

knit baby blanket starlight baby blanket - free pattern (beautiful skills - crochet knitting
knit baby blanket starlight baby blanket - free pattern (beautiful skills - crochet knitting WOVWQUS

Baby blankets are most easy to knit yet wide variety of patterns are available to knit baby blanket. Most of such blankets can be knitted by beginner knitters, using some very simple stitches. Here are some of the popular patterns to knit baby blanket.

Box stitch blanket

This type of baby blankets is perfect for baby boys and girls. Just keep in mind to choose light weight soft yarn to make sure that the blanket gives enough comfort to the baby. You can even expand the same pattern to knit blankets to be used on the sofas.

Seeds and trees pattern

This is a pattern mainly knitted using one coloured yarn. The stitches are so knitted that it takes a shape of long trees. This type of baby blankets are best suitable for taking the babies outside in early spring. The pattern is usually gender neutral.

Seven stitch baby blanket

This is a common pattern of making baby blankets. For making this, a mom requires only very basic level of knitting expertise. The pattern is knitted by using 7 types of stitches. Each stitch pattern is separated from the other using stockinitte stitches. Besides, you can use multiple colours to differentiate each panel.

Quilted blanket

This pattern to knit baby blanket makes thick and warm baby blanket for the coldest days of the year. Alternate colours of squares are knitted first and then joined to make this pattern. The blanket has standard size of 52 cm. You can make this bigger or smaller size depending upon your choice.

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