Pencil Skirt – Variations and What to Wear On Top

pencil skirt final sale SPZIQYI
pencil skirt final sale SPZIQYI

Skirts are starting to become a big hit as the winter months come to an end and you can no longer bear to wear pants. The weather is getting hotter and pants do not aid in that department, so what is better than switching your pair of pants to a skirt? Skirts look elegant, sexy and are perfect for all occasions. You can’t possibly wear pants to work! But you can wear to skirts to work and for a casual outing or party with friends. And the best type of skirt there is, is the pencil skirt!

Just like it was mentioned before, a pencil skirt is fit for work purposes and also if you want an edgy yet sexy look. Pencil skirts come in varying lengths, sizes and materials. You can find leather pencil skirts and cloth ones, pencil skirts with slits in the middle and front. The list is never ending and the longer it gets the better it is for you. Another awesome advantage there is to a pencil skirt is that you can wear any top that you want with it. Whether it is crop top, a turtle neck sweater, a dress shirt or even a casual sweatshirt!

You can customize and personalize your outfit as much as you like with a pencil skirt. Finding an over the knee one with a slit makes your look very much casual. Something that you should know is that a pencil skirt can’t be shorter than the above-knee limit for then its pencil-like figure can’t be shown.

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