Perfect fit and comfort  – easy crochet baby booties

Crocheting booty for a new born is an exciting project. It can be presented as a gift or can be made for your own baby. The patterns for baby booties looks to be difficult and complicated but they are actually not so. They are very easy to make and understand. Easy crochet baby booties are a good way to refresh your crocheting skills if doing after a long time.

Steps for easy crochet baby booties

Choosing yarn: Always choose a soft lightweight yarn for the baby booty. Special knitting yarn or organic yarns are also available for making baby products. Select the color and the yarn which will be comfy for the baby.

Hook: Selecting the right size of hook is important to get the design right.

Gauge: This depends upon the size of the needle. Gauge is important to get the right size. The yarn should complement the hook to get the right number of stitches for the product.

Design: Follow the instructions of the designs. Make the initial chains as per the design or the size for the booty.

Finish: Finish the design neatly by cutting the extra end of the yarn and hiding it in the booty.

Easy crochet baby booties are simple to make. They are useful to keep the baby’s feet protected and warm. Many parents try to match the color of the booty with that of their hats or diaper cover. Bright colored baby booty gives an amazing look to the baby dressing.

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