Plaid Pants – Pull ‘Em Off Like A Boss

navy blue and red plaid pants DRDIOSW
navy blue and red plaid pants DRDIOSW

Fashion knows no ends! And for fashionistas and fashion enthusiasts, coming up with new ideas and outfits is like a blessing. Mostly they like to add unique and glamorous pieces to their outfit. Something like plaid pants would be a perfect example. For those who have no idea what is plaid, it is a design that greatly resembles checkers. A great number of people consider this pattern on pants to be sleepwear but it is the actual opposite. It is a very exclusive and surpiring clothing piece you can add to your outfit to make it extraordinary.

Widely printed plaid pants are easier to work with for the smaller ones ask for an elaborate and demanding collection of clothing pieces to complete the outfit. A famous way of rocking plaid pants and not giving off the lazy-teenager-just-got-out-of-bed-and-i-hate-the-world look you can try mixing prints. Striped tops are a glamorous and stylish way to keep your look spicy and fashionable.

If you want a slightly off the hook rocker kind of look then a t shirt with a graphic print in the front (maybe at the back too) would work. To polish everything up add some edgy bracelets, some knuckle rings and a pair of black leather commando boots.

Some people look for a more cozy and lazy-Sunday-in outfit so for that you will need an off shoulder distressed shirt with a pair of plaid pants. You will need the pants to be in a muted shade like black and white instead of red and black (it’s too bright).

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