Simple how – to crochet mittens

There are very simple ways that you can crochet mittens with simple single crochet. Mittens do not need to be so elaborate, so with this simple crocheting technique, you will be able to keep warm with a low budget during the winter season.

Things You Will Need

For this simple project you will require worsted yarn of your preferred color, crochet hook, row counters, small safety pins and scraps of yarn for markers. The stitching technique you will use will include the chain stitch, slip stitch, the single crochet and also the yarn over.

The cuffs can first be made using the either ribbed or cable stitch. You will have measured how long you want the cuff to be, as well as the size of your wrist. The two ends of the cuff should be crocheted together using the slip stitch.

For the rest of the body, the thumb hole and gusset might prove to be a bit challenging, as most crotchetier find uneven edges being left behind as they crochet. Here you should pay close attention to the way you increase and decrease the stitches to avoid having an unevenly finished mitten. This is where the safety pins and markers come in, to help you know where the round starts and where to end it.

For most beginner crotchetier, making crochet mittens is sometimes challenging but still worth the while of trying. This project will help you brush up on your crocheting skills for more complex projects you will find in the future.

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