Simple ideas for making crochet dolls

Dolls will always remain to be a girl’s best friend, a friend who won’t leave you for a very long time. Since ancient times, dolls have always been used to entertain little girls, as well as stimulate their creativity in making them. The materials used to make the dolls included wood, clay, fur an sometimes bones. Today, dolls are made from many materials, including yarn. You can put your crocheting skills to use, or even practice a few patterns for making crochet dolls.

Amigurumi Crochet Dolls

These crochet dolls are crafted using the Japanese crocheting technique to produce not just girl-like dolls, but also animals and other inanimate creatures. Depending on the type of doll you wish to make, you will use a single crochet stitch technique to weave separate body parts, and then put them together later after they are all done. The dolls are cute after you finish crocheting them.

Vintage Crochet Dolls

These dolls require much more work, but also have a very pretty finish. You can use old, crochet patterns to make this doll. Most importantly, you will have to make the doll body first before proceeding to make the clothes, hair, shoes and all else.

Crochet Doll Clothes

Apart from making the dolls, you can even make separate clothes for the dolls. Popular among them is the vintage crochet pattern. For most other dolls (bisque dolls, Barbie dolls, etc.) this can be a great way to add variety to the doll’s cloths.

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