Sleep well with knitted cushions

Knitting is a lovely art that keeps the knitter busy with different projects. There are different knitting patterns, stitches and products that one can make through knitting. One of the most popular knitting patterns is for cushions. There are different styles that give a lovely look to the cushions. There are simple as well as complicated patterns for knitted cushions that can bring attractiveness and warmth in the room. Knitting a cushion is very easy as there is no shaping involved one just needs to knit the stitches according to the length required. It is same like knitting four squares and then sewing them together. There are advanced patterns too for knitted cushions which might require certain amount of skills and experience.

Some of the designs fro knitted cushions are as follows

  • Reindeer cushion
  • Extra large cushions
  • Sycamore and Hawthorn cushion
  • Van designed cushion
  • Owl or flowery designs cushions
  • Jacquard cushion
  • Knit cable pillow
  • Heart shape cushion

Things to be considered when knitting a cushion

Fabric Choosing a washable fabric of good quality is important. Cotton yarn is considered to be the best as they are soft and comfy.

Filling: Selecting the appropriate filling is equally important. Foam, polyester or cotton filling whatever one feels best can be used.

Fastenings: Zips, Velcro, poppers, buttons etc. can be used as fastenings to increase its life.

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