Some crochet dishcloth patterns

If you are one of those people who love to add a signature homely touch to their homes, you probably love knitting and crocheting as well. Knitted dresses, mittens etc are very common. Now you can also make home utensils-crochet a dishcloth pattern and you will also be able to add a homely touch to your own kitchen.

As far as crocheting a dishcloth pattern is concerned, it is very simple for one to make one. Dishcloths require the simplest patterns and stitches. You can use pattern you like for example: you can use the squares pattern, the criss-cross pattern or a bulky lace pattern of your choice-anything would do. Just keep in mind the pattern you choose is durable and won’t easily be ragged. If you decide on using a lacy pattern, make sure you make each stitch thicker and tighter than usual; you can do this by using multiple strands at the same time instead if just one.

You can choose from a variety of shapes too. If you are tired of the traditional square dishcloth, you can knit it in a different shape and size of your choice. You can make a flower-shaped dishcloth, a lacy round dishcloth etc.

While choosing the material and color of the yarn for the dishcloth, keep in mind a number of things. Firstly choose the right material which won’t break or wear out when used-acrylic wool etc. Next, the color you choose for the wool to crochet dishcloth patterns should also be dark so that it doesn’t get dirty easily.