Some crochet owl hat patterns

The winter season is almost here. So, most of us, are preparing the chilly months ahead. All of you mothers out there are probably busy buying warm clothes for your children. This season, why not do something different; crochet something for your child. This article tells you an adorable crochet owl hat pattern you’re child will love.

Firstly, you will need colored yarn-wool is preferred since this would be used in the winter months. You will need three balls of it in the following colors; a base color for the hat (any color of your choice) and brown wool for the owl. You will also need a few other small things for example buttons for the owl’s eyes-you can always improvise.

While you start off with crocheting an owl hate pattern, you will firstly have to knit a simple round hat. For this purpose, you can any type of pattern you like-you can use a braided one, square one, the brimmed hat one-any pattern would be just fine.

Once you are done with your base hat, it is usually more convenient to look for an owl pattern trace online. This would help you achieve a perfect owl. Find a pattern that you like, print it out for your own convenience and trace the pattern upon your base hat with a chalk. Next, fill the trace with brown wool using regular, simple stitches-you just have to fill in the shape of the owl. Once you have done that, stitch in buttons for the owl’s eyes and nose.

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