Some crochet purse patterns

I am sure all of you ladies out there love purses which represent your signature look. Be them big purses, small clutches or satchels, a purse is a must while going out.

This season, make your own crochet purse pattern to go with your dresses. Not only would they look extra special, they would also add a classic touch to your attire.

First of all, you have to choose the wool you want to make your purse with. For purses, you can choose from a variety of materials i.e. wool, acrylic wool, cotton yarn, jute etc. Any type of yarn would look good. Each material also gives a unique look so consider this while you are choosing one. Wool gives a classic, homely look while jute gives a modern, hippy look.

Next, decide about the shape of the purse. If you want to make a rectangular or the regular semi circle purse, you will have knit basic knitted pattern according to those shapes. The knitted pieces also differ according to the size of your purse. Bigger purses require more yarn while small clutches usually require a single ball.

Once you have knitted the basic pieces, stitch them together using a single yarn string according to the shape you have chosen.  You can also mark the shape on one side of the knitted piece so that it’s easier for you to follow the shape you want to make. You can put bending wires in the borders as well as the handles of your crochet purse patterns.

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