Some details about crochet pillow

daisy ripple crochet pillow cover ORZPJBU
daisy ripple crochet pillow cover ORZPJBU

If you are one of those ladies who love to add a warm and homely touch to their homes, I am sure you have knitted numerous small articles for your house. Usually, knitted side-table pieces, wearing articles etc are common. Why not extend this homeliness to your bedrooms and crochet pillows to go with your favorite bed sheets. Not only would they look adorable, they are also warm and cozy. Not to mention the ease with which they are made. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily knit these pillows for your bedcovers as they require basic stitches like criss-cross stitch, basic braid stitch etc. You can also make them in whatever style you look i.e. lacy pillow covers to go with your floral bed sheets.

To make the pillow covers, first of all, measure the width of you base pillow filling. Once having done that, knit two rectangles or squares, following whatever shape and pattern you want. Once you have done that, mark the dimensions of your pillow filling on the knitted pieces. Now join these two together by using a single strand in a hook. For this purpose, you can also create a brimmed pattern on the borders.

Once you have stitched together three sides, fill in the pillow stuffing and then stitch together the remaining side as well. Your crochet pillow is now ready. You can also decorate these pillows i.e. create beaded borders, stitch knitted flowers on the pillow front etc.

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