Style with crochet potholders

#crochet potholders USOJSZD
#crochet potholders USOJSZD

Crochet potholders are table linen that are used as a piece for decoration to enhance the look of the house. These are functional as well as decorative. They keep your table protected from scratches, spills, scrapes etc. These crochet potholders are reasonable projects and can be used for long run. Potholders created using your talents are very attractive and aesthetic. They bring excitement to the dull table whether indoor or outdoor. There are many charming and innovative patterns available for crochet potholders.

Some of the patterns for potholders are given below

  • Summer wave’s pattern: Can be made using bright colors giving a waves like look. Single color can also be used. But selection of appropriate color is vital.
  • Oval Ripple placemat: These placemats can be made using two colors one for the center and other for the border. The colors selected should be contrast to each other.
  • Check board placemat: These are small narrow basket weave like pattern which are square in shape.
  • Flowery placemat: They are in a shape of flower. Dark vibrant colors should be used for creating this placemat.
  • Round crochet placemat: These are simple and most common kind of placemat found in almost every home. The stunning pattern will definitely gain praise from the party guests at your place.
  • Patchwork placemat: These are different patterned squares that are assembled together to create a bigger mat.
  • Pocket placemat; these are small placemats that are used during evening tea. These are smaller in shape as compared to normal placemats.

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