The cool ways to knit a hat

When it comes to knitting the hats there are free knitting patterns for hats which will amaze you and when you knit they will look cool on babies or children. Besides keeping warm these patterns will help give the good looks and make the children more cute and adorable.

The most used and the most kitted pattern for hat is the ear flap pattern. You will find these hats more than others. The reasons for knitting or getting this pattern for hats is that they keep the ears warm in winters and this is why it is the choice of most mothers. Then there are patterns that are for baby girls, the hats that are round in shape and have patterns of tiaras on them. These are also one of the best ways to make babies look more adorable. These knitting patterns for hats are the ones that also keep the kids and children warm besides giving them the looks.

Here are some cool patterns for hats. Bunny patterns for hats also are very famous. These patterns are easy to knit and are quite famous. The hat has two bunny ears on top. There is another pattern that involves a pompom above the hat instead of ears. The hats can be knitted in the form of Christmas tree, cotton candy style and it can have knitted flowers on its top or around it. There are many free knitting patterns for hats that can be used to knit.