Trendy knitting patterns for babies

When thinking of knitting patterns for babies, the most important factor to first consider is the type of knitting pattern, as this will determine the type of yarn to go for. With babies, yarn material that is soft, washable and safe to wear is very important, as babies are very delicate and need proper care. A few of the popular knitting patterns for babies are discussed in this article.

Trellis Stitch Knitting Pattern

The trellis stitch is a very nice stitch that produces very beautiful pattern of knitting. It can be used to make baby sweaters. The cable stitch can also be incorporated to add more patterns to the sweater.

Bubble Stitch Knitting Pattern

Just as the name suggest, the result of the stitching is a bubble effect. Small mounds that are bubble-like are produced with the bubble stitch. With skill and care, the baby items made using the bubble stitch can be worn from either side, with the right side showing the bubbles, or the wrong side showing diamond like shapes. It is made using a number of stitches, such as the slip stitch and the stockinet stitch, using the purl and knit technique. You can make baby shawls and sweaters using this pattern.

Eyelet Stitch Knitting Pattern

The eyelet stitch is also very popular among the knitting patterns for babies. It produces small holes that are typical to lace patterns, thus considered among the types of lace knitting patterns. You can make baby girl dresses and skirts using the eyelet stitch.

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