Using kit to knit christmas stockings

Christmas stockings are easily available on the market. Then why knit them? The plain and simple answer is to give a personalized touch to it. You can do this by using a knitting kit. But, at first know, what are the pros and cons of using kit to knit Christmas stockings?


  • For the beginners, using a kit is advisable, since it contains all the important instructions and materials, essential to knit Christmas stockings. Even advance knitters sometimes use these kits to learn new pattern of knitting Christmas stockings.
  • A knitter saves his valuable time, using these kits as he doesn’t have to go shopping for choosing materials to knit Christmas stockings.
  • Knitting Christmas stockings is generally a complicated matter than knitting a blanket or a scarf. Besides, you have to make appropriate design to correspond to the occasion. Because of all these reasons, it is better to use a knitting kit which will make knitting faster and simpler, yet leave your touch on the stockings.


  • The cons of using a knitting kit to make stockings are only relevant for advance knitters. They are, themselves, so good in knitting that they think their talent is not being used with a kit.
  • Since a kit involves pre-determined materials, you can not experiment with different ones. If you purchase materials additionally, then buying the kit makes no sense.
  • The biggest problem in using a kit to knit Christmas stockings is the inferior quality of the kit. Instructions are sometimes difficult to understand, yarn and needles are sometimes also not perfect.

The bottom line is: A good quality kit is always a plus to your knitting experience.

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