Vagabond Shoes: The New Fashion Statement

Platform shoes are a big hit but only in a funky way. What if I told you that you can still enjoy the high rise soles and the ‘platform’ but in a more stylish and classy manner? True, you might not actually believe me, but, vagabond shoes are a thing. In contrast to their title, they are not actually for vagabonds. With a very grunge and edgy style and outlook, this form of footwear has managed to slip into just about every fashion era. Truly, there is a ‘street-wear’ touch about vagabond shoes but that does not mean that one can incorporate it in any other style.

Vagabond shoes are great for both the winter and the summer because they don’t exactly excessively warm your feet nor do they freeze them. Suitable for just about any weather, many people find that they look great in just about any color. Sure, black is the most favored color, but, you will surprised to know that the purple and even khaki green ones look just as attractive. They also come in multiple-in-single colors which basically means a different colored sole with a different color for the body of the shoe.

There are boots styled shoes as well which accounts for a long neck and there are more formal looking shoes with a short neck. The option to purchase one with laces or one with strong elastic grips is entirely up to you. The fact remains that there is a large variety in this exceedingly popular brand of shoe-wear and in no time you can be the proud owner of a pair.

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