Which is the best knitting pattern for scarves?

Knitting is the best past time for many. One can make a variety of things using different knitting stitches. Headbands, coffee holder, blankets, sweater, pillow covers, cardigans, cowls, socks, caps etc. There are many easy scarf knitting patterns that are simple and quick. The beautiful knit pattern and design looks cool and provides warmth during winters. They are a style statement which can be worn on any garment. One can use their favorite colors to knit the scarf or can make use of universal colors of black or white or mixture of many colors to create a multi colored scarf to match with different pair of clothing.

Easy Scarf knitting patterns:

Stone scarf knitting pattern: This is a simple and beautiful pattern which create a stylish look when worn. They are easy to make. A matching headband of this pattern will add to the elegance of the scarf.

Mohair scarf: Mohair scarf is also known as a wrap. They are very cozy. These scarves can be made fro one or two balls of wool. This gives a luxury feeling at very affordable price.

Cabled scarf: Cabled scarf are best during the winter months to remain warm. A matching hat and scarf with cabled pattern can suit anybody and enhance his appearance.

Stripped skinny scarf: Stripped skinny scarf are round and offers a double layer of fabric. It provides a cozy feeling and can be made with beautiful colors.

Handy scarf: These are summer scarves that are light in weight. They can be kept handy as they can be wrapped easily into small folds and can be used when required.

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