Which Straight Leg Jeans’ Waist Types You Should Pick

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straight leg jeans carousel image 3 KVHYRMO

Wearing jeans maybe a complicated process to some women but not when you know all the waist types there are to straight leg jeans. Some women like to have their waist tucked in so they can look thinner. Others just want a bit of coverage and some prefer to have their waist free of their jeans’ clutches. Read below and understand all the waist types there are

High Rise Waistline

Do you want your straight leg jeans to be waist gripping? High rise jeans are those which ensure your stomach and waist look smart. They fasten around the beginning of your waist and give you a thinner look. Such jeans allow you to wear short shirts (crop tops) and not be worried of how your body looks.

Mid Rise Waistline

Midrise jeans lie a little below the beginning of your waistline (around half your waist). They are comfortable and look trendy and easy going. They are a common and popular pick amongst ladies nowadays. Your body looks great with them.

Low Rise Waistline

Slim and bold women will preferably choose these waistlines first when buying jeans. Since their body needs no coverage they are happy to show off their curves and smart figure. The waistline sits on your hips; that is 2-3 inches below your belly button. This style of jeans is trendy and fashionable and the liberty of leaving your body as it is with no coverage or tuck-ins, makes a woman feel confident and bold. Although it is rare to find straight leg jeans with this type of waistline, it is not impossible.

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