Why should you go for vintage crochet patterns?

If you love to go back to the old times and would like to give a retro touch to your creations, these vintage crochet patterns are just the right for you.

  1. Retro rainbow blanket for babies

These blankets are perfect for baby boys and girls due to the bright rainbow motifs designed on them. This is an afghan pattern crochet, mostly suitable for advanced crotchetier. In this type of blankets, worsted weight yarn is used. Usually the blankets are crocheted in a measurement of 42 inch x 48 inch.

  1. Retro ring trivet

These retro ring trivets are perfect resemblance of the 40s and 50s. The crochet pattern is very similar to canning jar rings of that time. It is quick to make and can be made in different sizes depending upon the requirement.

  1. Vintage bathroom set

This set includes a rug and a toilet seat cover. Besides crocheting these 2 items, you can make and add appliqués to them, also in vintage pattern.

  1. Retro crotchet hat

The listing of vintage crochet patterns is incomplete without mentioning retro crochet hats. The stripes and ornamental pom poms on the hats are actually responsible for giving a vintage look to the hats. Depending upon the colors of the yarn you use, it can be worn by boys or girls. Best thing is that, you don’t need to be a pro to make these hats.

  1. Vintage dog collar

The use of vintage crochet patterns is not only limited to humans only. They can make your puppies look stylish too. Why not make a vintage style collar for your dog rather than buying a very common one from the market?

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