5 different free easy crochet patterns

top 10 free easy crochet patterns for beginners WMYGQHW
top 10 free easy crochet patterns for beginners WMYGQHW

If you have learnt only basic crochet stitches and looking for patterns to practice them, you have landed on the right page. Here are some free easy crochet patterns that are designed specifically for beginner crocheters.

Afghan patterns

You will be able to make a fast and easy baby blanket using afghan pattern. You can choose the colour of the yarn, depending upon the gender of the baby. You can leave it as a simple blanket or add laces on its edges. No matter what you do, this is the most easiest crochet pattern to make.

An alternative can be afghan squares which you can also make using multiple coloured yarn. Make a floral crochet pattern at the center and surround it with sequentially larger multi coloured squares.

Flower patterns

Using the basic stitches, you can make beautiful and varied crochet flowers. Use it of its own or in combination with other patterns, these flowers can make you proud of your work.

Baby cloths and accessories

Normally crocheting baby items doesn’t require very high level of expertise. Some free easy crochet patterns for baby items can be crocheted baby sweater, cardigan, hat etc.

Scarf pattern

Scarves are very easy to crochet. Some of the easy patterns are simple crochet scarf, striped lace scarf, easy grid lace scarf etc.

Hat patterns

Though it may seem difficult but in reality crocheting hats is pretty easy. You just need to make simple stitches and then join the crown properly. Some easy patterns are lacy V stitch hat, Halloween hat, traditional winter hat etc.

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