A crochet purse to match your outfit

crochet purse crochet clutch FMMVLHK
crochet purse crochet clutch FMMVLHK

Crochet is an age old needlework technique of making cloth using a needle with a hook at one end. Fabric yarn or thread is used to make patterns by pulling loops of yarn through other loops to make a fabric.

Crochet bags are quite easy to make if you know the craft. Crochet bags can be made in innumerable designs and colors. A shoulder bag, tote bag, a clutch and handbags are some of the Crochet purses that can be easily made. Crochets handbags are great bags that often come with a matching sunglass crochet case. They can be made in a single color or you can choose contrasting colors also. A striped tote bag can be made using two contrasting colors. It looks gorgeous if you use colors like navy and grey or beige and red and attach leather straps to it. Rainbow crochet clutch look really good. For this you need little yarn of different colors and your clutch is ready. Sew a zipper on one end of clutch to prevent your valuables from falling out. You can even add crochet appliqués like a flower or any other design on these bags. Shoulder purses in a single or neutral color looks amazing and matches easily with any outfit. For better results you can make a flower design and stitch a button on every flower to give it a special look.

You can make a fashion statement with attractive crochet purses and accessories to match. A little detailing on the crochet purses can do wonders.

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