A few tea cozy knitting patterns

tea cosy knitting pattern sleeping owl tea cosy. zoom AGFVZRE
tea cosy knitting pattern sleeping owl tea cosy. zoom AGFVZRE

Knitting and crocheting are some creative activities that allow you to spend your extra hours while doing something creative and innovative. Using the technique of crocheting, you can create a lot of different things including clothing items, booties, slippers, hats and decorative items including some teas cozies.

A few tea cozy knitting patterns are described below for you to take a little guess about how they are created.

Quilted tea cozy knitting patterns:

Quilting is a special technique used in knitting but it may be conveniently done by a beginner. It is made using two coordinating batting and fabric pieces.

Traditional granny style:

Traditional granny style tea cozy knitting pattern is an ideal make for 2 pint pot and 4 cups tea set. It is then topped with a pom pom or a knit flower.


It has a measurement of almost 39 centimeters and is made using a US 5 needle along with a DK yarn and a velvet ribbon length.


It is a very fancy knitting pattern for a tea cozy. It has some hidden pockets in the interior for carrying fragrant sachets in order to provide a very lively and elegant tea experience.


It is a crochet type of tea cozies which is designed to fit a 40 centimeters tea pot.

There are a lot of other tea cozy knitting patterns which are very simple and convenient to make even for beginners. Once you start off with this stuff, you would enjoy a lot and would never want to stop.

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