A Guide to Wearing Pea Coat Elegantly

moss 1851 tailored fit navy double breasted pea coat FPXJLFC
moss 1851 tailored fit navy double breasted pea coat FPXJLFC

Your pea coat is the out most layer of garment you wear. Do not layer on top of it anything else apart from some essential accessories which are not much obtrusive. Tuck in your shirt or the ends of scarf to maintain a clean end line of the coat.

When you come to buy a pea coat, check the length properly. The exact length should be till the end of your hips and no more.  If it goes slightly lower, it will look like a naval jacket rather than a pea coat; shorter than your hips’ end will also be inappropriate. You will look overweight and chubby.

Buttoning your coat is very important for accurate looks in the coat. Keep all of them sealed in order to give you an iconic look. The original style of these coats is to be buttoned all the time you are wearing them.

If you are a thin figure smart man, the line of buttons looks graceful. When you close them all, you give your coat the cinching look that complements your figure. But if you have a large waist and are a round figure, avoid wearing a pea coat. It is going to add negative impacts on your figure instead of enhancing your looks. There are plenty of other coats and jackets of size around the size of peat coat to choose from for a large figure.

Avoid a baggy coat. The specific design of a coat looks bulky in a bit bigger size. Try a small coat for your medium size figure and it will fit you perfectly

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