Add spice to your wardrobe with crochet dress patterns

crochet dress pattern 15 crochet dresses - free patterns and charts GKACQKP
crochet dress pattern 15 crochet dresses - free patterns and charts GKACQKP

Crochet dresses are becoming more and more popular today. They are a great wardrobe addition for the summer season and come in many beautiful patterns and designs. A few of the most popular crochet dress patterns are discussed in this article.

Open Work Crochet Dress Patterns

These crochet dress patterns are just as the name suggests, open. They are meant to be worn under something, but more daring women may decide to wear them on their own, depending on its design. It can be worn for many casual occasions, or even for an evening outing, especially the black yarn dresses. The crochet stitching is done in such a way that there are open spaces left after the dress is finished.

Beach Crochet Dresses

A great way to stroll at the beach when not swimming, this type of crochet dress pattern comes in many cute designs and patterns that tend towards the open work pattern. They come in long, medium and short sizes. You can thus cover up at the beach while still keeping cool in this crochet dress.

Podium Crochet Dress

Podium clothing is also catching on in the fashion world. The crochet dress patterns used are many, some are made in circular patterns, and others are made in vintage or a combination of two or more crocheting patterns. The result is a chic dress which can be worn for any social occasions.

There are very many other crochet dress patterns that make very classy and elegant dresses to choose from. Going through the various dresses available will give you a clue as to what would best suit your needs.

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