Advantages and Disadvantages of Platform Heels

valencia metallic platform heels with trim in rust EPKAMYO
valencia metallic platform heels with trim in rust EPKAMYO

Searching for new heels to wear? All those that are in your closet are getting old and you want a change! Well here is your best choice. Platform heels are sexy, gorgeous and best of all make you look a lot better than normal heels.  But there are the advantages and disadvantages to every type of heels and platform heels are no exception. Before making the choice of wearing them, know all about them first.


No more toppling and breaking your ankles because of you ambling on stilettos and barely accomplishing the mission. Platform heels are here to save the day and possibly your legs! The thick heel and front area allows you to rest your feet easily instead of keeping all your body’s weight on your toes. Teens and young women can easily wear platform heels that are available in numerous designs and colors. They increase your sex appeal and many women in the adult entertainment industry will pick them


Wearing platform heels does not diminish the possibility of falling but only dims it out. Even famous model Naomi Campbell had to suffer a nasty fall from them. So you still have to take care! Doctors have warned women from wearing platform heels for they carry the risk of giving you flatfoot. Since your muscles and ligaments don’t move or make an exercise while you walk then the development of a flatfoot is dangerously possible.

Women drivers should avoid wearing platform heels for then you can’t feel the pressure of the pedal.

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