Alluring crochet patterns

crochet patterns how to crochet a jasmine stitch - tutorial (crochet for children) URZSINU
crochet patterns how to crochet a jasmine stitch - tutorial (crochet for children) URZSINU

Crochet is the process of making up fabric by looping several interlocking patterns using yarns and threads or any other material. The crochet pattern involves several techniques that are followed in order to make up an attractive and eye-catching design. One of the prime things that are used in crochet are the crochet hooks. Crochet Hooks are used to interloop different threads together to give a nice pattern. Crochet patterns are mostly adapted to make up woollen clothes like hats, sweaters and ponchos etc.

There are hundreds of crochet patterns that you may take up to design the look of your woollen cloth. Some of the basic crochet patterns are as follows.

Round Crochet Pattern

In this technique, the threads or yarn are mounted on the crochet hook and are stitched in round patterns. These give an eye-catching look to your hat or poncho.

Basketweave Pattern

The basket weave pattern is mostly used for the sweaters. In this pattern, the threads are looped by using two to three hooks.

Checker Board Pattern

It is the most obvious pattern that is adopted. The pattern usually comprises of two colours that are designed like the checker board.

Cable Pattern

The cable pattern uses a single thread used to weave the hat, poncho or sweater. The cable pattern is the simplest weaving pattern.

Cross Pattern

The cross pattern is somewhat difficult and is mostly done by the experienced weavers. This incorporates the usage of different threads at one time with several crochet hooks.

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