Authentic scottish fair isle knitting

fair isle knitting festive fair isle christmas stockings IZEPLUH
fair isle knitting festive fair isle christmas stockings IZEPLUH

The joy and profound happiness that is found in knitting is only exceeded by one more thing and that is Fair Isle Knitting. The variety that Fair Isle knitting provides is amazing. It is a traditional Scottish type of knitting style. The style is named after an island in Scotland. It is a very popular style there and you can see everyone carrying it in public. It allows the makes to incorporate a variety of colors in a single piece of garment. When I say variety of colors, I do not mean one or two colors but various many colors that are impossible to otherwise try and make them look good.

The Fair Isle Knitting style gained a lot of popularity when the Prince of Wales starting wearing them everywhere in the beginning of nineteenth century. He used to wear tank tops of this style. The knitting technique of this style is not new and it uses basic knitting style with basic knitting needles. The circular needles are sometimes used to create very colorful patterns. The truth is even though this style looks complex, it actually is not.

You can make almost anything from this style from tank tops to skirts to dividers to anything you want to wear. You can make two or three strands of each color in any design and then follow it for the length of the sweater. You can also use this knitting style in combination of other styles if you wish to do so.

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