Beach Bags – What to Pack

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Beach trips are a girl’s most looked forward to outings in the summer. It is their main goal to achieve a summer body, pick the sexiest bikini and get that tan they have been waiting on forever. But before you can act rashly and quickly, give this trip a good thought. In the excitement and rush you can sometimes forget some very important things. Let us take a quick look on what exactly are the important things to take in your beach bags below:


Do you get drinks and stuff for free on the beach? Definitely no! Pack in your beach bags a wallet which has your debit/credit card.


This is something you can say “Duh” or “Of course” to but sometimes people can actually forget it. Make sure to get a case along for it.

Lotions & Creams

You do not want to get sunburnt from the harsh rays of the sun so pack a body lotion, sun cream and moisturizer for when you wash your hands every now and again.

Flip Flops

No you shouldn’t take off the ones you are wearing and put ‘em in your bag! Bring a spare for yourself in case of anything.

Water & Deos

Deodorants are very important, actually just as important as keeping hydrated.

Charger & Earphones

Ensure your battery doesn’t die on the beach with your portable charger as well as a pair of earphones for some cool tunes to listen to while tanning.

Magazines and Books

Another form of entertainment to pass and kill time, pack some books and mags in your beach bags.

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