Beautiful and trendy knitted skirt

knitted skirt knitted marian skirt MDOSYYQ
knitted skirt knitted marian skirt MDOSYYQ

Knitted skirts are very much in fashion and have been sported by many celebrities and stars. Knitted skirts are very trendy and investing in them is not a waste of money. They can be worn anywhere at work, going out or just chilling. Knit skirt can be worn over a sweatshirt with little accessories it can give you the look that will never go unnoticed. A knitted skirt worn at a party can make head turns. A knit skirt can give a classic or formal look, They can also be paired with jacket, sneakers or over a printed top.

To make a knitted skirt please follow the below steps:

  • Measure the waist and multiply with stitch gauge. One can make adjustment with multiples as per the size.
  • Measure the hip and multiply again with the stitch gauge.
  • Calculate the increase by subtracting the waist measurement from hip
  • Determine the length of the skirt and accordingly identify the number of rounds and increase.
  • Count the rows and also keep a count on increase in the stitches.
  • Increase the stitches till you get a – line shape

Knitting a skirt is not easy and requires a lot of practice. But with proper technique one can create a beautiful and wearable knitted skirt. The catch here is to give proper shape to the skirt. One should know how much stitches to increase. One can give it a try. Using the tutorials one can follow the instructions and guide regarding the pattern and create one for their own.

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