Beautiful finishing with crochet blanket edging

crochet blanket edging when i made my summer garden granny square throw (pictured above),
crochet blanket edging when i made my summer garden granny square throw (pictured above), i SXTXZKK

Crochet blanket edging can change the look and feel of the entire project. It not makes the blanket attractive but also adds décor and glamor. Blanket edging or border can make the project look complete and neat. Selecting an appropriate blanket edging is important as it can really turn the way the blanket looks. Also a blanket edging can change the shape of the blanket. Hence it should be selected wisely. A crochet blanket edging can be worked directly on the border of the blanket crocheted. There is no need to create it separately and sew it together with the blanket.

Some of the stitches for crochet blanket edging

  • Crab stitch: It is like a corded border. It is simple and sophisticated. It is easy to use and also to learn and remember.
  • Shell edging: This is the most common and popular edging that is used preferably for girls blankets. This edging can be used on blankets as well as on other crochet products.
  • Picot edging: These are decorative edging that looks best on almost everything especially blankets. It outshine the pattern of the blanket and makes it look beautiful.
  • Block edging: These are interesting borders thatcan be used with any patterns. These block edging are perfect for blankets and also for other outfits.
  • Blanket edge: They are like blanket stitch which is used in embroidery. It is a simple stitch which can be made with a contrasting color matching with that of the blanket.

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