Best crochet dresses

crochet dresses white-crochet-dress NSYPWMU
crochet dresses white-crochet-dress NSYPWMU

There are a number of dresses that make a hit in the world of crocheting. You can indeed look great wearing a crochet dress, as it adds a look of sexiness and elegance about it; you will stand out in the crowd if you are in one. Mostly worn during summer, there are also bulkier crochet dresses for cooler weather.

Beach Crochet Dresses

These are crocheted using the open work pattern. The dresses thus have stitching with openings all over. They come in many patterns and design, as well as sizes including long, medium and short. These are best for beach wear as a cover up when not swimming in the water. They add a bohemian style to your beach cover up wear.

Cotton Crochet Dresses

These dresses are made by blending cotton and yarn. You will thus find a crocheted dress with a cotton slip underneath, or a cotton dress with crocheted patterns on the sides, bust, waist, arms and even hem. This dress is great for casual wear as well as can be worn to parties and other social gatherings.

Vintage Crochet Dresses

Fashion never truly trends without vintage. Vintage crochet dresses are weaved for many occasions, including weddings, cocktails, dinner and casual occasions. They can also be blended with other materials such as cotton, making it versatile. You can never go wrong with vintage.

Chanel Style Crochet Dress

This is unique, and great to try out. The dress comes stitched with intricate patterns and may have a belt on the waist. It is thus also called a designer crochet, owing to its name Chanel, from the well-known designer Coco Chanel.

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