The beauty of your room afghan

afghan blanket afghan (blanket) - wikipedia LVXNTFP

BLANKET An afghan is a blanket made by knitted or crochet wool. This kind of blanket is often found on the back of an easy chair or on the bed side to give you a cozy feeling. These are much liked as a gift item because they are also used ...

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Comfort at its best – cable knit leggings

cable knit leggings cable knit footless tights 2228 by primavera XXSLMLF

Cable knit leggings are very comfortable and can be used for daily routine. They are elastic, easy to wear and provide warmth and comfort to the wearer. Cable knit is a type of knitting where Aran types of stitches are used. In these type of patterns cross layers are made ...

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Some nice beanie knitting patterns

beanie knitting pattern wavy moss slouchy hat VIKJLQH

Winter’s are here and I am sure, everyone is striving to stay as warm as possible during the chilly evenings. The best idea to keep yourself warm and to not catch a cold at the same time, is perhaps, the warmest clothing you can find including sweaters and beanies. Lucky ...

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Easy crochet knitting patterns for beginners

easy knitting patterns easy knit baby booties PVBRWFT

Crochet knitting is an art as well as a fun.  If you are competent enough at knitting crochet then you can design a number of fabrics for yourself and your kids. Knitting crochet is an interesting project and the best time passing activity. You can show your talent of creativity ...

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Knitting patterns for a scarf

free scarf knitting patterns simply ribbed scarf free knitting pattern CPRDAPY

One of the best clothing items that adds to the beauty and elegance of a man or woman is the knitted scarf. Scarves can serve as a fashion and also keep you warm in winters. When you look for the free scarf knitting patterns you will find that there are ...

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Amazing infinity scarf knitting patterns

infinity scarf knitting pattern free easy beginner knitting pattern for a chunky knit grey

An infinity scarf is a very trendy accessory that can be worn in many ways. It is basically a large loop of fabric that is closed. This scarf is quite versatile as there are many ways to wear it like the normal scarf around your neck or as a cape ...

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Knit Hat for Cold Weather and Fashion Statement

knit hat create some charm hat NOIVDZN

In winter you head and ears face the cold wind directly. This scan be painful at many a time. Covering your head and ears is strongly recommended in winter when the weather turns wild. But youth worry about their look and elegance when it comes to hats and most of ...

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