Try out these flattering knitted hat patterns

pink knitted hats for women DYZWINI

Knitted hats are a great way to not just keep your head warm, but also add some style to your entire outfit or conceal those bad hair days. The advantage of knitted hats is that they can be made in almost any color you can think of, thus can be ...

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A guide to knitted baby booties

knitted baby booties free knitting pattern little eyes baby booties PPJTNHW

Knitted baby booties can be a wonderful present for a baby who you care for a lot. Anybody can visit a gift store and spend some money on a nice expensive gift but getting a baby something that you have created with your own hands conveys your deep emotions and ...

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The easiest fingerless gloves knitting pattern

fingerless gloves knitting pattern fingerless mitts and gloves knitting patterns XGNLNAV

These fingerless gloves knitting pattern is quite easy but makes stylish fingerless gloves. Step 1: Arrange required materials You need one pair size 7 or 8 knitting needles, medium weight yarn and one common needle for sewing. Step 2: Cast Stitches Take one knitting needle and cast 24 or 28 ...

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Flattering patterns for knitted cardigan

knitted cardigan cozy cable knit cardigan sweater VNSHJCM

When it comes to clothing items, hand knitted items have proven to be a very classic number. Knitting has been around for ages, and even today, very flattering items are being made out of yarn. Knitted cardigans are one of those classic items that you won’t regret having in your ...

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Keep your baby cozy with knitted baby blankets

knitted baby blankets baby blanket AKTPHFJ

Baby blankets come in many different patterns and materials. Most are warm and snuggly, which is exactly what your baby needs. Knitted baby blankets also come in many patterns and can be used for many years to come, even to the baby’s childhood years. So long as you get a ...

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Beginner knitted scarf patterns to try out

knitted scarf free beginner scarf knitting pattern LRPWGJP

Every knitting beginner almost always starts with the scarf as their first knitting project. This is because scarves are easy to knit, do not require a lot of details and you’ll just have to focus on the knitting technique without worrying too much about the gauge. Here are a few ...

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Free baby knitting patterns ideas

free baby knitting patterns precious knit baby booties patterns. minty garter stitch baby booties

There is something very love giving and adorable about knitting designs is their very cute patterns and this is increased when it is for the little people or the kids. These Free Baby Knitting Patterns Ideas will make your day with their ease and simplicity. Loops: you just cannot go ...

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A guide to knitted boots

knitted boots one step ahead by drops design - cutest knitted diy: free pattern

Whenever a new born baby is brought home, the parents worry a lot about the good being of their baby. They are constantly freaked out about whether their baby is safe and warm enough or not. In order to be sure that your baby is warm and cozy enough, you ...

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A beginners’ guide on knitting loom patterns

knitting loom patterns loom knit this cheerful kitchen set! 3 free patterns below; loom

This guide aims at imparting the basics of loom knitting using the example of cowl knitting. Even if you have never done knitting or crocheting before, you will be able to finish knitting loom patterns in short spans of time. You just need one loom knitting kit and a roll ...

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A guide to buying the perfect knitting needle case

knitting needle case sew an awesome holder for all your knitting needles and crochet

Over the past few years, knitting has become a very popular hobby. It is a very relaxing and productive way to spend some time alone or with a bunch of similar minded friends. If you are into the knitting business, you probably would have an idea about how sometimes it ...

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