History and significance of poncho

knitted poncho merino wool sweater irish wool knitted poncho hsc1372 oemhcxn ADRWLJK

A poncho is a woolen cloth that was usually designed in the South America. The cloth is made of a thick piece of a woolen cloth. The cloth has a slit in the middle of the head from where it’s worn. The cloth is widely used in the region because ...

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Crochet rose pattern for beginners

crochet rose pattern diy crochet rose with free pattern WTVQILN

That you have just begun with crocheting doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make crochet rose pattern. It is true that some patterns are really complicated and should be tried only if you have gathered enough expertise in crocheting. Here is a simple crochet rose pattern that is ...

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Guide to choosing cable knit throw

natural cable knit throw blanket | this beautiful cable knit blanket goes VVIRFSX

Throws are used as decorative pieces in home furniture, on walls as well as used for baby blankets and warm weather blankets for your afternoon naps. Cable knit throws have the cable stitch as their primary pattern. The cable knitting pattern has the won the hearts of many people, both ...

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How to use free sewing patterns?

free sewing patterns free t-shirt pattern. on a roll, roll neck t-shirt with LHRCLPJ

Beginners find it quite confusing to use free sewing patterns. The drawings, confusing terms make the entire process pretty complicated. Sewing patterns act like roadmap when you take up any sewing task. These assist in the way the task has to be accomplished. Sewing patterns are quite useful but one ...

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Keep warm this winter with a cable knit jumper

cable knit jumper tweet DYWEHER

Cable knitting is a popular type of knitting pattern mostly used for sweaters, jumpers, cardigans and many other items due its intricate design. The pattern made resembles a cable, hence the name cable pattern. This is achieved by criss crossing stitches behind and in front of each other to create ...

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Feel cozy with patterend quilts

free quilt patterns gordian knot quilt pattern free | ... honorable mention gulf coast

With arrival of winters everyone just wants to leave all the hectic routine of the day behind and get into the bed with warm and cozy quilts. The real comfort of quilts can be enhanced more if the quilts are colorful and designed beautifully with elegant patterns. We plan to ...

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Returning Trends of Gracious Mens Hats

mens hats tedu0027s cut u0026 sew SJCENKF

Men’s outfit contains all those elements that add into his masculinity. Though, these days many styles are becoming popular in men’s wears that liquidize their manly figure. Long ago the matters were different. You can observe that vintage fashion ideas were all about improving and embellishing men’s original natural features ...

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Plus Size Jumpsuits – Why Are They So Important

plus size jumpsuits stylish-plus-size-jumpsuits-for-spring-fashionistas-3 JVGGQIZ

Jumpsuits are a stylish and innovative way to adorn your wardrobe collection. There are so many variations of them and that is what makes everything the whole lot better. For those who have no idea what jumpsuits are, jumpsuits are one piece garments that are mostly referred to as onesies ...

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Plus Size Shapewear – How to Choose It

plus size shapewear wear your own bra lace body briefer RNDRSUV

Which girl doesn’t want to look slim and sexy? Every lady! Including the beautiful plus sized ones! Plus sized women in particular have the curviest body figures and with the proper plus size shapewear they will strike down anyone in their wake with their stunning beauty. Choosing the right plus size shapewear ...

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Seersucker Suit – A Style with Difference

lauren by ralph lauren blue stripe classic fit seersucker suit - LIYHJGT

Summer is cool with seersucker. This fabric is one of its kind for making men’s suits for different social events like beach parties, weddings etc. For business meetings and business trips also seersucker suit is a preferred choice.  Once the summer settles in south of America, everyone looks for seersucker. ...

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