Comfort at its best – cable knit leggings

cable knit leggings cable knit footless tights 2228 by primavera XXSLMLF
cable knit leggings cable knit footless tights 2228 by primavera XXSLMLF

Cable knit leggings are very comfortable and can be used for daily routine. They are elastic, easy to wear and provide warmth and comfort to the wearer. Cable knit is a type of knitting where Aran types of stitches are used. In these type of patterns cross layers are made using variation in stitches. Cables knit give a rope like appearance. They are thick and are preferred during winters. Cable knit leggings give a relaxing feeling to the user. They can be created in wide range of colors and goes perfect with any tops. Cable knits are normally used to create leggings or stocking. They form complex beautiful patterns that are attractive. Cable knit leggings are stretchable and hence can provide a good fit. One can use them for different purposes like excursive, jogging, casual wear, daily wear etc.

Different methods of cable knit

Cable braids: There are different styles if cable braids like one cable, two cable, three cable, four cable, five, six , seven cables. One can change the number of cables to create their own unique design.

Cable lattices: A ribbing made from cables in which exchange of individual cable can be done freely.

Cable textures: These are different and not similar to other types of cable knit. They do not look like ropes instead they have a honeycomb kind of design.

Aran: This design comprises of different panels of patterned cables. These are complex and a bit difficult kind of cable knit.

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