Comfy crochet slipper patterns

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Wearing a crocheted slipper is a great fun as it gives comfort and stunning look to your feet. During cold season these crochet slippers give warmth to your feet along with style. You can also design crochet slippers for your babies to give their soft feet a tender touch. Here is a huge list of crochet slipper patterns and we are going to discuss a few of them.


If you are an expert at knitting crochet then you can make these cute slippers within just 2 hours. This crochet pattern is made by using bulky yarn and with the help of J. K or L hook. This crochet slipper pattern is easy for the beginners to make. Only you have to know is the making of chain. Double, half double and single crochet. If you know all these stitches then you should start working on the following crochet slippers patterns.

  • Ariana;

It is a very soft and tender slipper with maximum amount of stretch. These crochet slippers are very easy to make and it takes only two hours to complete them.

  • Carrie;

Super soft form of slippers and after wearing them a kid feels so comfortable and soft to walk around.

  • Flora;

A very pretty pair of slippers made with floral colors. Soft and cozy to wear and are made with certain flower design.

  • Isabell;

These crochet slippers resembles much like ballerina style. You can use more than one color in designing these slippers.

You may add crochet flowers embellishments or bows to give more beauty to your shoes.

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