Crochet baby blanket & shawls for your baby

baby blanket crochet baby blankets to crochet - youtube YAZEFLI
baby blanket crochet baby blankets to crochet - youtube YAZEFLI

There is no sight as adorable as a little baby’s sleeping face peeking out from a crochet baby blanket. In fact a baby blanket if crocheted by a loved one is cherished forever more for sentimental reasons. A crochet baby blanket is made with love and care by a loving mother or grandmother. Use the easy and quick crochet baby blanket patterns and make a blanket for your baby.

A crochet baby blanket can be crocheted in pink, blue, white or lemon in beautiful designs.  By using a combination of two colors you can make a very pretty blanket. A fairy tale blanket can be made with many colors and a variety of patterns in one blanket and is often called a sampler blanket. A blanket crocheted in the blue and green colors of the ocean will look stunning. The butterfly blanket is very easy to make and the design starts with a foundation chain in the middle and it is worked in circles or rounds. You can crochet blankets in cables or a teddy bear design or in a pattern of a dog.  Sometimes a blanket has a cap like flap attached to the blanket so that it can be fitted on the head of the baby. A blanket can also have a cap alongside of the same design so your baby can look really cute in the set that comprises the blanket and cap. All these blankets will be super soft for your baby and will not irritate their delicate skin.

Whether you are crocheting a baby blanket for your baby or as a gift to give at a baby shower it is sure to be treasured.

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