Crochet borders to try out

crochet borders early posting for me...crochet border...# FQBTVXY
crochet borders early posting for me...crochet border...# FQBTVXY

Crocheting is a great past time activity that can be a hobby as well as a means of earning some extra cash. Starting out is not a difficult task, but getting a smooth and even crochet border is a challenge to most people. Here are a few ideas to help you with achieving that great finish.

Arc Lace Edging

This crochet border is very interesting as well as versatile, as it has a vintage look to it. It can either be sewn directly on the edge of cotton or other materials, or be crocheted on the edge of the material. It is great for use as a trim in blankets, dresses, throws, curtains and even Afghans.

Lattice Ruffle Edging

This great crochet border can be used on handkerchiefs, tablecloths, scarves and even blankets. The type of sewing you choose will depend on the type of project you have, as there are many different ways of crocheting the lattice ruffle edging.

Pineapple Swirl

A great way to finish the edges of your delicate crocheting on crochet items as well as on linens, this edge style is truly unique, elegant and vintage. It adds an old school touch to any crochet projects you have, and is not that difficult to learn either.

Zig – Zag Edging

Just as the name suggests, the finishing will have a zigzag pattern which elaborates you kitchen towels, table cloths, wash cloths and even pillow cases. It is relatively easy to learn as well as fast to finish.

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