Crochet dog sweater patterns to try out

small dog sweater - crochet dog sweater - chevron dog sweater - IXLGRTJ
small dog sweater - crochet dog sweater - chevron dog sweater - IXLGRTJ

Making sweaters for your dog is not an off idea. Some dogs can really get cold and shiver violently during the winter season. This is of course dependent on their fur. Some do’s fur is lighter than other dog’s fur, thus when you notice that your dog suffers during those cold days, get them some winter clothes too. It may look odd to other people, but it is worth the while as well as caring on your part to keep your dog warm.

When considering the type of sweater to get for your dog, go for blended yarn that is easy to wash as well as comfortable on the dog. This could be blended wool and cotton or acrylic yarn material. Before you start crocheting, make sure to get your dog’s measurements right so that the dog won’t be able to pull off the sweater. A snuggly fit should be appropriate.

Patterns that can be used to make the dog sweater are mostly similar to the patterns used to make items for human wear. The garter stitch pattern can be used, as well as the seed stitch crochets pattern, chain stitch, slip stitch and cable stitch patterns. You can consider your dog’s fur color before buying yarn and make sure that the sweater color works well with your dog’s fur color. Other dog owners have also been able to add embellishments to the dog sweaters, especially for the smaller dogs. Consider whether your dog will be comfortable or not with these.

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