Crochet jewelry patterns

organic micro crochet jewelry artist fujitamiho (miho fujita) FGCMVSU
organic micro crochet jewelry artist fujitamiho (miho fujita) FGCMVSU

Crochet craft is not limited to making blankets and scarves only. Crochet jewelry is as popular as any other crocheted item. If you take a look at the fashion jewelry shops, you will see the same designs and same materials again and again. Isn’t it boring? For a change, wear crochet jewelry. They are as good as any plastic or metal or stone jewelry, if not better. The only care you have to take is to keep them away from water.

Let’s take a look at some beautiful pieces of crocheted jewelries.

Crochet earrings

To make a pair of earring, you need very little yarn. Choose your favorite color, matching with your dress and make beautiful small round shaped earrings. To add some sparkle to them, top them with clear bead.


Crochet pendants of any color and shape and match them with suitable chains. Even a beginner can do this. You can either save them for your own use or gift them to others.


Crocheted bracelets look so beautiful and they are so well finished that it is impossible to differentiate them from store bought bracelets. Just use a pair of metal or plastic ring and hook and tie off the bracelet on your hand.


Use a quick trick for making these bangles. Use your old bangle and crochet around it. That’s it. You are done. Make them of as many colors as you wish. If you can bring variety in stitches, you can make the angles thicker or thinner.

Remember, crochet jewelry is most comfortable to wear during winter.

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