Crochet necklace ideas to try out

crochet necklace DNTYZDC
crochet necklace DNTYZDC

Crochet necklaces are an in thing and can be molded into many shapes, sizes. What’s better, you can add color after color to your crochet necklace, to make it colorful as well as versatile. Wearing an outfit with a necklace will be much easier, as finding yarn to match your outfit isn’t going to be a hard task. For most people who are experts at the crocheting art, this is another way to either learn a new technique, or to meet the needs of current clients. You can get a few tips on how to get started with crochet necklaces.

Chain Link Crochet Necklace

For this crochet necklace, you can use a slip crochet stitch and a minimum of 15 chains for a start. You can then use the slip stitch to form a ring of your preferred size. You will then stitch together the top and bottom of the ring. To make the second chain, stitch it through the first chain, and continue for the rest of the chain till it’s all finished.

Ladder Ribbon Crochet Necklace

Using a combination of different ladder ribbon yarns, you can make a dazzling crochet necklace of any shape and size to match almost any outfit you have, be it casual, party or evening wear. The ladder ribbon yarns come with glitter of different colors and colorful panels which can be crocheted together to form brilliant patterns. This is a great crochet project you can start to learn and impress your friends and loved ones with.

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