Crochet poncho patterns to try out

crochet poncho pattern free LCPZMCU
crochet poncho pattern free LCPZMCU

Ponchos are great for warming you up in the winter season. However, not everyone views ponchos the same way, some people believe that ponchos are for old ladies and that they should never be caught dead wearing one. Others believe that ponchos are very old fashioned and should stay where they were those many years ago. Other however appreciates them and would be happy to have them as part of their winter wear for warmth. Getting a crochet poncho that will flatter your look is the key to wearing the poncho.

Other things you will need to consider are that ponchos are best worn with something that is form fitting underneath. Wearing baggy clothes underneath the poncho will make any great poncho look horrible, and it will also make you look deflated. Matching the colors of your poncho well with your clothing is also important in achieving a polished look.

Granny Square Crochet Poncho

The granny square crochet pattern produces very intricate look on any items crocheted using the pattern. You can make either a hippie crochet poncho with this pattern, or make a more modern looking poncho with it. Yarns of different colors can be used for the hippie poncho, while single colored yarns can be used for the modern look.

Rippled Crochet Poncho

The rippled crochet stitch is another intricate crochet pattern that looks great on ponchos. You can use yarn of either one color or a multicolored yarn to make the rippled crochet poncho.

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