Crochet rose pattern for beginners

crochet rose pattern diy crochet rose with free pattern WTVQILN
crochet rose pattern diy crochet rose with free pattern WTVQILN

That you have just begun with crocheting doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to make crochet rose pattern. It is true that some patterns are really complicated and should be tried only if you have gathered enough expertise in crocheting. Here is a simple crochet rose pattern that is particularly suitable for beginners.

For making this pattern, you need worsted weight yarn; 5.5 mm crochet hook, tapestry needle and scissors.

Make the following chain: Chain 60+3

For the first row, double crochet in the 4th chain from hook and in every stitch to the end. In the next row, leave 1 stitch and double crochet 6 times into the next stitch. Then leave 1 stitch and then single crochet into next stitch. Repeat the process till the end.  Then tie off the ends.

Now you have to assemble the crocheted piece to make it look like flower petals. Leave around 8 inch long tail of yarn at the end. Now use your tapestry needle and the left over yarn to stitch the petals so that it looks like a rose flower.

You can make variations in this crochet rose pattern by assembling the lace in several different ways. If you would like smaller and thicker flower, you should make more layers out of the lace, keeping individual petals small. If you would like to make a large flower, you can make less number of large petals and sew them loose. Using simple leaf crocheting pattern, you can add leaves to the flowers.

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