Crochet shawl patterns for the perfect shawl

crochet shawl patterns refracted lace crochet shawl pattern QCWNXTI
crochet shawl patterns refracted lace crochet shawl pattern QCWNXTI

Crochet shawls can be worn in any season. A warm crochet shawl can be worn in winters for warmth, while on the other hand a crochet wrap over an off shoulder dress looks really stylish in summers too. Handmade wraps and shawls come in both casual as well as formal wear and at the same time they are fun to crochet.

Crochet shawl patterns come in a variety of shapes with various stitch patterns. One exquisite shawl is the classic triangle shawl with beads incorporated in the shawl for a little shimmer and fineness. The rainbow crochet shawl looks great with any dress and the various colors used gives a bright impressive feel. A shawlette made in a fringe style with flowers can be a gorgeous accessory worn in summer over a summer dress. There is another very pretty design for a shawlette that uses the cable technique to create a leaf like pattern. The pineapple crochet stitch is a contemporary design worked in a lace pattern will look beautiful if warn as a wrap. If long fringes worked on a basic triangular shawl will give the shawl a perfect summery look and will work perfectly if worn in the evenings to ward off the summer chill. A crochet shawl for wearing at the church or any charity is the prayer shawl.

The crochet shawl patterns normally use basic crochet stitches that can be made easily once you master the art of crochet, but the material used can be either wool or cotton depending on the weather.

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