Crochet sweater patterns to try out

crochet sweater patterns 1-lion-brand-scarfie-easy-blanket-sweater-pattern- XOBGVWI
crochet sweater patterns 1-lion-brand-scarfie-easy-blanket-sweater-pattern- XOBGVWI

Crocheting is not limited to scarves, booties, mats and mittens. Sweaters too can be made from crocheting. Using a number of tried and tested patterns that fit crochet sweaters; you can be able to make one for yourself or to gift someone with. Simple stitches such as the seed stitch can be used, with a combination of the cable stitch to bring out more intricate detail to the sweater. Other great patterns to try out are shared in this article.

Criss Cross Stitch Crochet Sweater Pattern

The cross stitch is basically what is used to make this criss cross crochet pattern for the crochet sweater. It is not a difficult stitch to learn. The double crochet skill will however be required to be able to work this pattern. The sweaters made are perfect for little girls. For adults, the criss cross stitch pattern can be used on areas such as the bust together with other stitches for the body of the sweater.

Stripped Eyelet Crochet sweater Pattern

The eyelet patter is commonly used for girl skirts and dresses, but it has also found use in sweaters. The eyelets are small holes that are made when crocheting using the lace stitch method. The end result is a beautiful sweater that is best worn during the warmer seasons, due to the open spaces left on the sweater.

There are many other great crochet sweater patterns to try out, including the intricate Aran patterns that are popular today.

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