Crochet tablecloth patterns

free easy crochet dollies | fractal crochet tablecloth - seamstress erin RDBGEJH
free easy crochet dollies | fractal crochet tablecloth - seamstress erin RDBGEJH

Crochet tablecloth is a very good way to save your tables and desks from looking bare. Be it retro style or modern, a crochet tablecloth portrays the decorative sense of the host in front of the guests.

Crochet tablecloths can be made either simple or complicated, depending upon the expertise level of the crocheted. Crochet tablecloths can be of any shape, square, round, rectangular or oval but it is better to choose a shape that goes well with the shape of the table. Here are some of the beautiful crochet tablecloth patterns:

Tablecloth with crocheted borders

This pattern of tablecloth is made by stitching Irish crochet roses on the edges of the tablecloths. Sometimes, you can also make a small section of such crochet roses in the center of the tablecloth, matching with the edges. With intermediate crocheting skill, you can easily make this.

Dappled blossoms tablecloth

This is perfect for any entry hall table or dining table. Bet you, your guests can not leave without appreciating it. Usual size of this tablecloth is 16 inch x 41 inch. Skill level required to make this table cloth is intermediate.

Crochet tablecloth with letters

This type is best for covering small tables. The size is usually 33 inch x 47 inch and part of the tablecloth keeps hanging from all the sides. You can crochet letters on this tablecloth or crochet some messages like welcome, be happy etc.

Six sided Daffodil pattern

This pattern is reserved only for experienced crotchetier. The tablecloth has 6 hanging sides with Daffodil motifs crocheted on them. This is relatively large tablecloth, particularly suitable for antique tables.

Besides these 4, there are varieties of crochet tablecloth patterns available, even for beginners.

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