Crochet toys to gift your children with

crochet toys crochet patterns by little bear crochets: ❤ #littlebearcrochets VJIPQVA
crochet toys crochet patterns by little bear crochets: ❤ #littlebearcrochets VJIPQVA

There are many makes of toys available that you can give to your children either as gifts or play things. Most parents are used to the usual plastic toys and other toys made from commercial synthetic materials. For a change, you can make your children crochet toys that are fun to make as well as safe for your children.

Amigurumi Crochet Toys

The amigurumi crocheting is very popular in making filling toys. The number of toys you can thus make using this technique is limitless. You can make teddies, caterpillars, buses, butterflies, sunshine among many other inanimate creatures you can think of for your baby. Worsted wool yarn is suitable for use in this project. You can also use cotton or soy and bamboo yarns which are both safe for your children and easy to crochet in amigurumi.

You can also make playing loops and rattles for your baby using the amigurumi crochet technique. Note that you should choose filling that is suitable for use with amigurumi and that is safe for children. Children are fond of placing toys in their mouths, so be careful with the type of filing you choose.

Other simple toys can be made using other crochet methods. However, amigurumi is the most popular as it gives shape to the crocheted toys, making it possible for the kids to hold and play with them easily. Items such as girls playing crochet bags, crochet bottles and other small items can also be made using other crochet stitch methods.

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