Crochet vest patterns to try out

crochet vest pattern PWBUGUH
crochet vest pattern PWBUGUH

There’s nothing as great as a crocheted vest to complete your bohemian chic look. The good thing with crochet vests is that they come in many colors, patterns and designs. You can make your own crochet vest using simple tutorials, for wear on any occasion.

Hippie Crochet Vest Pattern

This is perhaps one of the best patterns to use for the Bohemian chic look. Patterns used can range from the granny crochet pattern to vintage patterns, which best bring out the 1960’s. You can have one color of yarn, or mix many colors as you please to bring out a colorful vest that can be worn as a layered with other items of clothing, though having the multicolored vest will be suitable for the bohemian look.

Doily Crochet Vest Pattern

This circular pattern is great for making vests that can be layered with dresses and tops. When made using the right yarn thickness, the pattern can really flatter any dress that the vest is worn with.

Ripple Crochet Vest Pattern

The ripple crochet vest pattern works best when more than one color of yarn is used. You can thus combine up to three colors of yarns, and make the ripple crochet vest pattern. The treble crochet is used to bring out the ripple effect on the finished work.

Lace Crochet Vest Pattern

Just as the name suggest, this pattern looks like lace, and is very elegant once the final touches are done. Crocheting in rings is used to produce the lace effect on the finished work.

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